Claims Management

Offering Personalized, In-house Claims Expertise

Despite the best loss control efforts, losses occur in even the most successful organizations. McSherry & Hudson’s account team, working with our staff claim technicians, will help you establish post-loss procedures to help you monitor and contain the cost of your claim.

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One of the most important services we provide our customers is assistance in the management of their claims. We will monitor your claims from the date they occur until they are closed. Our experienced Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager and our Property Casualty Claims Representative offer personalized, in-house claims expertise. They can help to ensure your insurance carriers work effectively with you after a loss to reduce loss costs and maximize your coverage. Our highly experienced claims management staff can help ensure your claims are handled expeditiously and cost-effectively.

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Partial List of Our Claims Services

Experience Modification (X mod) Analysis:

Report showing your contribution of claims to experience modification factor. We identify problem claims and help to limit their impact on your e-mod.

Loss Layer Analysis:

Report outlining your loss history and loss trends at various levels. This helps to identify your loss trends to determine deductible selection.

Work Comp Claims Reporting:

Insurers report all workers' compensation claims within 24 to 48 hours to Insurance Company for best results. Carriers inform McSherry & Hudson if your claim involves lost time so that we can help to ensure return to work communication and that the carrier handles other issues expeditiously.

Claims Review:

Conduct a claims review meeting to review all your open claims. This ensures none of your claims “fall through the cracks” and helps ensure reserves are set at the lowest possible level, which in turns reduces your emod and your loss ratios.

Claims monitoring and reserve analysis:

Monitor your claims activity and perform reserve analysis to ensure the accuracy of your e-mods.

Unit Stat Claim Review:

Provide a comprehensive claims analysis prior to the filing of Unit Stat Report to State Workers' Compensation Rating Bureau. This unit report directly impacts your e-mod and will ensure that your workers' compensation claims are reserved correctly.

Experience Mod Projection:

Provide an estimate of the upcoming year’s experience modification factor prior to renewal.

Loss Run Report:

Obtain loss runs, summarize, and distribute to client. Detail will be provided on your larger claims and we will help identify your injury trends.

Property and Liability Claim Advocacy:

Report all general liability, property and automobile claims directly to McSherry & Hudson within 24-48 hours. McSherry & Hudson will track claims and act as your client advocate until your claim is resolved.

Claims and OSHA Compliance Training:

General claims and compliance education and training.

Status Reports on indemnity claims:

Detailed status report on indemnity claims. Strategy on resolving your claim in timely manner.