Strongest Surety Relationships in the Business

At McSherry & Hudson we know that the surety relationship is one of trust – we build trust with our clients and we work to build trust with our surety carriers. That is why we have some of the strongest surety relationships in the business. We recognize that surety credit can drive the heart and soul of your company. We are firmly our commitment to helping the growth of your company by utilizing all of our resources. Our relationships in the surety marketplace are stellar, and allow you to obtain necessary coverages quickly and expertly.

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What makes us different?

  • The quality of our existing customers
  • Key relationships with the Home Office Executives of all major sureties
  • Recognized as leaders with active involvement in construction industry associations
  • Bulletins to keep you up-to-date on the latest regulatory and other issues
  • Skillful negotiations on our customer’s behalf on indemnity, rate, and capacity
  • Identifying back-up surety markets in the event a first-line market rejects a risk
  • We have marketplace trust, which allows for us to push the market as much as possible on your behalf
  • We work closely with your CPA/Accounting department to maximize your bonding capacity

What does this mean for your Company?

  • You will have a strong advocate in your corner
  • The best possible guidance and direction to grow your business
  • Contact with the decision makers in the surety community
  • Maximized surety capacity with the best possible terms and conditions
  • You will know what’s going on in the construction/surety industry
  • We will help teach your staff about all aspects of surety and insurance issues
  • We will ensure a secure back-up surety relationship for you with your input
  • We ensure your bonds are executed properly and timely

At McSherry & Hudson, we always place your best interests first. We look forward to working with you in developing a solid surety relationship that will best suit your needs.

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